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"Derek, It was wonderful to finally meet you in person. Upon the completion of our conference, we did a quick run through of the comments. The feedback from your section was excellent! You did a wonderful job. You hit all the aspects that we wanted covered plus some. Your delivery of the message really seemed to resonate with the group. Again, thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of our conference!" Shannon L. French, Conference Planner, Tennessee Gas Association


Keepers of the Culture®
A cross-functional, multi-level group of employees goes through a facilitated process to produce six, compelling revenue-producing behaviors and create new levels of synergy and openness

So You Want to Marry My Daughter?®
Interview Skills that Protect the Brand
New perspectives on the importance of the interview process and new skills to get deeper, honest answers from job candidates

Mastering Change®
Every member of the organization learns how to use the emotions associated with major change to reassess and reconstruct their goals and approach them with a renewed focus

The Power of Values and Vision®
Learn how to use the same principles that a family business used to expand one store in a small country town into a 10,000-store growth company that changes lives across America

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SIMILARity helps employees accelerate the quality and impact of their work relationships by focusing on their “similarities” vs. their differences

Becoming a Champion for Diversity®
Learn how you can become the “Chief Diversity Officer” for your team and/or peers

Increasing Innovation through Inclusion®
Learn to look for the creativity in the people around you by following a new approach to connecting with people in other jobs and in other departments

the big AND: recruiting AND retaining diverse employees®
Proven processes that leaders can implement to help diverse employees feel welcome and convert them into ambassadors for the organization

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Making the Bad Apples Good®
Process for “converting” the behavior of negative people who perform well or negative/positive people who perform poorly; Going beyond traditional conflict management, this session moves leaders from “confrontations” to straightforward “conversations” that improve performance

17 People Skills Every Leader Should Know®
Easy to implement people skills that are extremely reliable tools for increasing employee loyalty and performance.

Advanced Consensus Building®
Mindsets and interpersonal skills that help you execute a large-scale initiative with a wide array of people across the organization

Expanding Your Influence®
New perspectives on how influence can be gained and leveraged for success by people at every level in the organization

Becoming a Trusted Advisor®
Process for gaining and maintaining the trust and support of key leaders and influencers

DY’s Guide to a Powerful Attitude®
A step-by-step process to build and sustain a winning attitude in the face of personal and professional challenges.

The Perfect Gift for Women Seeking Executive Level Success®
Common mental and behavioral techniques that propel women to success in various organizations

Mentoring Basics®
Gain powerful insights on how to become a great mentor and how to identify a great mentor who can change a person’s future

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TRUST: The Secret Ingredient of Successful Teams®
Participants quickly learn “if” they share the same vision, speak the same language, have the same goals, and communicate in the most effective way…then how to do it if they aren’t.

Winning Teams Winning Ways®
Comparing your team to teams that win to identify and implement specific and measurable actions steps that produce change.

Strategic Goal Setting®
Creating shared goals in a fresh, team-oriented process to leverage the organization’s values, vision, mission, strengths and opportunities, and avoid the organization’s weaknesses and threats.

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Hit the Ground Running®
Preparing students to immediately deliver meaningful, career-enhancing results in their first job after college graduation.

Influence Beyond Your G.P.A.®
Helping students understand the new politics of their new world of work.

Maximizing Your Educational Experience®
Equipping students at every stage (Middle, High, College) with a multi-year pathway to graduate on time with a long-term focus.

“TRUE” Friends®
Students learn the easiest ways to make the most central decision in their youth—the selection of friends.

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